Network Scanner Utility 3 English Version Ver. 1.13.0 Notes



  1. Download and save the file into an empty folder.
  2. Unpack the download file.
  3. Execute "Setup.exe", which is folder below the decompressed folder.
    Installer for Network Scanner Utility 3 will run automatically and you can install the software following the instructions on screen.
    To install Network Scanner Utility 2, too, follow the instructions on screen after the installer for Network Scanner Utility 2 starts automatically.
    Network Scanner Utility 2 installed with this package is the same software that is on the Network Scanner Utility 2 website.

Notes When Windows Server® 2008 / Windows Server® 2008 R2 is Installed

When Network Scanner Utility 3 is installed on Windows Server® 2008 / Windows Server® 2008 R2, please also install the Desktop Experience Pack. If the Desktop Experience Pack is not installed, scanning may not be performed correctly.

The Desktop Experience Pack is installed using [Server Manager].

  1. From the [Start] menu, open [Administrative Tools] and launch [Server Manager].
  2. Click [Add Features] on [Features Summary].
  3. Select the [Desktop Experience] check box on [Add Features Wizard] and proceed with the installation.


  1. - Multiple pages (files) cannot be imported in a batch. Open the dialog box using the [View] button in the scan driver, then select [Page Display Mode] for [Display Mode] and import one page at a time.
  2. Installation
    1. By installing the MetaFrame® or Terminal Service on a running server allow you to use on the client. It is not necessary to install it to the client.
    2. Use the Windows® server console to install or uninstall.
      If you want to uninstall from the ICA (or Terminal Service) client, execute the Change User command from Command Prompt and switch the execution mode to the Install (Global) mode.
      (Refer to Microsoft Corporation's technical information 834870)
    3. After installing the Network Scanner Utility2 version 5.0.0 and above, if you do not uninstall it and install the Network Scanner Utility2 version 5.0.0 or earlier, the services registered on this utility cannot be deleted. You must use the uninstallation tool attached to that driver to delete the registered services.
  3. Number of simultaneous users
    The number of users available at the same time depends on the MetaFrame® server resource (or Terminal Service). If multiple users are accessing the same device at the same time, it will be restricted by the maximum number of simultaneous connections of the device.

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