Direct Fax Driver for Mac OS X

Please read the notes and the software license agreement carefully before downloading this software. If you do not accept any of the terms of this agreement, you must not download this software.


This direct fax driver operates on the computer that is running Mac OS X with the following system requirements.

The following devices fall into two types based on differences in function; the previous model or Type2 (T2) model. Be sure to read "How to distinguish the device model" described in "Read me first" to confirm your device type before installing software.

  • ApeosPort-V C7775 / C6675 / C5575 / C4475 / C3375 / C2275
  • ApeosPort-V C7780 / C6680 / C5580
  • DocuCentre-V C7775 / C6675 / C5575 / C4475 / C3375 / C2275
  • DocuCentre-V C7780 / C6680 / C5580


File Name fxmacfax1909am109fml.dmg
File Format Disk image format
File Size 3,850,850 bytes

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Software Direct Fax Driver for Mac OS X
Version 1.3
Date Jan. 10, 2020
  • ApeosPort-IV 3070
  • ApeosPort-IV 4070
  • ApeosPort-IV 5080
  • ApeosPort-IV 6080
  • ApeosPort-IV 7080
  • ApeosPort-IV C2275
  • ApeosPort-IV C3375
  • ApeosPort-IV C4475
  • ApeosPort-IV C5575
  • ApeosPort-V 3070
  • ApeosPort-V 4020
  • ApeosPort-V 4070
  • ApeosPort-V 5080
  • ApeosPort-V 5080 N
  • ApeosPort-V 6080
  • ApeosPort-V 6080 N
  • ApeosPort-V 7080
  • ApeosPort-V 7080 N
  • ApeosPort-V C2275
  • ApeosPort-V C2276
  • ApeosPort-V C3320
  • ApeosPort-V C3375
  • ApeosPort-V C3376
  • ApeosPort-V C4475
  • ApeosPort-V C4476
  • ApeosPort-V C5575
  • ApeosPort-V C5576
  • ApeosPort-V C5580
  • ApeosPort-V C5585
  • ApeosPort-V C6675
  • ApeosPort-V C6676
  • ApeosPort-V C6680
  • ApeosPort-V C6685
  • ApeosPort-V C7775
  • ApeosPort-V C7776
  • ApeosPort-V C7780
  • ApeosPort-V C7785
  • ApeosPort-VI C2271
  • ApeosPort-VI C3371
  • ApeosPort-VI C4471
  • ApeosPort-VI C5571
  • ApeosPort-VI C6671
  • ApeosPort-VI C7771
  • ApeosPort-VII C2273
  • ApeosPort-VII C3372
  • ApeosPort-VII C3373
  • ApeosPort-VII C4473
  • ApeosPort-VII C5573
  • ApeosPort-VII C5588
  • ApeosPort-VII C6673
  • ApeosPort-VII C6688
  • ApeosPort-VII C7773
  • ApeosPort-VII C7788
  • DocuCentre-IV 3070
  • DocuCentre-IV 4070
  • DocuCentre-IV 5080
  • DocuCentre-IV 6080
  • DocuCentre-IV 7080
  • DocuCentre-IV C2263
  • DocuCentre-IV C2263 N
  • DocuCentre-IV C2275
  • DocuCentre-IV C3375
  • DocuCentre-IV C4475
  • DocuCentre-IV C5575
  • DocuCentre-V 1060
  • DocuCentre-V 2060
  • DocuCentre-V 3060
  • DocuCentre-V 3070
  • DocuCentre-V 4070
  • DocuCentre-V 5080
  • DocuCentre-V 5080 N
  • DocuCentre-V 6080
  • DocuCentre-V 6080 N
  • DocuCentre-V 7080
  • DocuCentre-V 7080 N
  • DocuCentre-V C2263
  • DocuCentre-V C2275
  • DocuCentre-V C2276
  • DocuCentre-V C3375
  • DocuCentre-V C3376
  • DocuCentre-V C4475
  • DocuCentre-V C4476
  • DocuCentre-V C5575
  • DocuCentre-V C5576
  • DocuCentre-V C5580
  • DocuCentre-V C5585
  • DocuCentre-V C6675
  • DocuCentre-V C6676
  • DocuCentre-V C6680
  • DocuCentre-V C6685
  • DocuCentre-V C7775
  • DocuCentre-V C7776
  • DocuCentre-V C7780
  • DocuCentre-V C7785
  • DocuCentre-VI C2264
  • DocuCentre-VI C2271
  • DocuCentre-VI C3371
  • DocuCentre-VI C4471
  • DocuCentre-VI C5571
  • DocuCentre-VI C6671
  • DocuCentre-VI C7771
  • DocuCentre-VII C2273
  • DocuCentre-VII C3372
  • DocuCentre-VII C3373
  • DocuCentre-VII C4473
  • DocuCentre-VII C5573
  • DocuCentre-VII C5588
  • DocuCentre-VII C6673
  • DocuCentre-VII C6688
  • DocuCentre-VII C7773
  • DocuCentre-VII C7788
  • DocuStation 3070 AS-1/AS-2
  • DocuStation 3071 AS-1/AS-2
  • OS X 10.9 Mavericks (English Environment)
  • OS X 10.9 Mavericks (Japanese Environment)
Restriction Reproduction, reallocation, resale is prohibited.
Copyright Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.



Please refer to the separate readme.txt file.


Please read readme.txt file.

The history of modifications

Jan. 10, 2020 : Ver. 1.3 Release



The license agreement for this software (hereinafter referred to as the SOFTWARE), is described as follows.

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