ART EX Driver English Version

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This printer driver operates on a computer running Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP English Version, Windows Server® 2003 English Version, Windows Vista® English Version, Windows Server® 2008 English Version, Windows® 7 English Version, Windows® 8 English Version, Windows® 8.1 English Version.


File Name fxdpc2426plw13121nw2k3fen.exe
File Format Self-Extracting File
File Size 2,146,048 bytes

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Software ART EX Driver English Version
Version 2.1.47
Date Mar. 20, 2014
  • DocuPrint C2425
  • DocuPrint C2426
  • Windows® 8.1 (32bit) English Version
  • Windows® 8 (32bit) English Version
  • Windows® 7 (32bit) English Version
  • Windows Vista® (32bit) English Version
  • Windows® XP (32bit) English Version
  • Windows® 2000 English Version
  • Windows Server® 2008 (32bit) English Version
  • Windows Server® 2003 (32bit) English Version
Restriction Reproduction, reallocation, resale is prohibited.
Copyright Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.



  1. Download and save the file into an empty folder.
  2. Run the executable file to unpack the download files.
  3. Install the unpacked software referring readme.txt.

For more information, please read readme.txt file.


The history of modifications

Mar. 20, 2014 : Ver. 2.1.47 Version Up

Modifications from the last release

  • Fixed the problem that output process was aborted when a print job had been sent from some multithreaded application.
  • Added functional restrictions to some functions to respond to the problem that a setting value is not reflected on the output in the situation where Internet Explorer® in Protection mode is running.

Oct. 26, 2012 : Ver. 2.1.46 Version Up

Modifications from the last release

  • Supported Windows® 8.

Apr. 30, 2010 : Ver. 2.1.45 Version Up

Modifications from the last release

  • Supported Windows® 7.
  • Fixed the problem that setting information might have been invalid when ACCP (Auto Created Client Printer) was used on MetaFrame.
  • Fixed the issue that Printing Preferences specified by an application program may become invalid.
  • Fixed the issue that printing may not be performed normally through the application programs or services running on Local System Account.
  • Fixed the issue that the driver may not be upgraded correctly and printing may be disabled when a shared printer is used on Windows® 2000 terminal server.

Jul. 28, 2008 : Ver. 2.1.42 Version Up

Modifications from the last release

  • Fixed the problem that settings of "Print Header / Footer" may be changed to default.
  • Supported "Windows Server® 2008".

May. 28, 2008 : Ver. 2.1.41 Version Up

Modifications from the last release

  • Supported "Windows Vista®".
  • Improved the phenomena where specific characters cannot be printed correctly when font substitution is set.
  • Improved the phenomena where font substitution for bold text and italic text cannot be made correctly.
  • Rectified the problem of abnormal termination and hung-up of the application when loading/unloading print driver.
  • Improved the performance of printing when specifying unsupported trays in specific application.
  • Rectified the problem in printing graphics in documents correctly when printing from specific applications.
  • Rectified the error, which happens when returning a setting to default after getting information from printer.

Sep. 19, 2006 : Ver. 2.1.36 Version Up

Modifications from the last release

  • Improved the problem that collated output was not performed when printing from the specific application on Windows Server® 2003.
  • Improved the phenomena where specified copies were not reflected correctly when printing from a specific application.
  • Improved the problem that a specific page may be output as a blank page when using "Header/Footer Options".
  • Improved the phenomena of print failure from a particular application.
  • Rectified the problem that a new registry entry may be created at each log in when using ACCP (Auto Created Client Printer) by MetaFrame.

Apr. 24, 2006 : Ver. 2.1.27 Version Up

Modifications from the last release

  • Improved the problem of "Postcard" not selected in "Paper Type [Bypass Tray]" when "Print on Postcard" is selected for "Favorites".
  • Improved the problem where printer errors occurred when printing from Acrobat® 6 on custom paper.
  • Improved the problem where jobs are printed in portrait orientation when printing from a network printer created in MetaFrame XP FR2.
  • Improved the problem where application errors occurred when the print job is cancelled during printing from the printer folder.
  • Improved the situation where documents may not be printed as specified in the Print Properties when printing in Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2002/2003.
  • Improved the problem where print jobs cannot be printed with a specific application on MetaFrame.
  • Improved the problem where the "." character is overlapped with the next character during printing when a specified font is selected.
  • Improved the problem where print errors occurred when using EMF Spooling.
  • Improved the situation where text may be missing or overlapped when printing with fonts of fixed width.
  • Improved the situation where installation to Windows Server® 2003 cluster may fail.
  • Improved the problem where the values for "Margins" cannot be saved for users with user rights.
  • Improved the problem of the ability to change the settings of "Header/Footer Options" with user rights even when "Setting restrictions for printing Header/Footer" has been configured.
  • Improved the problem of the inability to print documents with images correctly from specific applications.
  • Improved the problem where the color of some parts of the image is discontinued when "Image Auto Correction" is used from specific applications.

Sep. 16, 2003 : Ver. 2.1.13 Release



Please read the notes and the software license agreement carefully before downloading this software. If you do not accept any of the terms of this agreement, you must not download this software.

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