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Please carefully read the following notes in connection with the use of this Web site.

Technologies used on this Web Site.

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In rare circumstances, some contents may not be displayed properly depending on users' OS or browsers.

Fuji Xerox confirmed that contents which were published or updated after June 2018 could be browsed properly using following browsers;


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Web Accessibility Policy

The web accessibility policy has been established so that people with disabilities as well as senior citizens can make use of the web site. Efforts are made to secure, and maintain/improve the web accessibility.


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General disclaimer

The contents of this Web site are subject to change without notice. It is possible that any information extracted by a site user might not be the most up-to-date. Users are advised that the Company provides no guarantees associated with the use of the information on this Web site. The Company accepts no responsibility for any kind of harm arising from the use of this Web site except where stipulated.

Prohibited actions on this Web site

Web site users are prohibited from the following actions on this Web site.

  1. Any activity that constitutes or may lead to any infringements related to the privacy or financial assets of either the Company or a third party.
  2. Any activity that constitutes or may lead to any infringements related to either the Company or a third party.
  3. Any activity that constitutes or may lead to any conflicts with public order and common standards of decency.
  4. Any business operations or actions designed to generate profit, including any activity that may constitute preparations for such actions.
  5. Any activity that constitutes or is accessory to criminal acts, including any conduct that may lead to such actions.
  6. Any false notification or sign-up procedures such as the registration of another person's e-mail address.
  7. Any activity that constitutes or may lead to damage being inflicted on the good name or reputation of either the Company or a third party.
  8. Any activity that constitutes or may lead to either the use or provision of any harmful computer programs such as viruses.
  9. Any activity that constitutes or may lead to violations of any laws, statutes or ordinances.
  10. Any other activity that the Company may deem unsuitable.

Links to this Web site

1) If you wish to link to this Web site,

after agreeing to "2) Notices and precautions for links," apply by filling out the required information on the link application form.

2) Notices and precautions for links

  1. URL to which you link is the top page URL
    Please also include the URL that you wish to link to a page within the Web site that is not the top page URL (http://www.fujixerox.co.jp/). Please also be advised that the information on this site is updated on a regular basis without notice, and that such action may include changes to the relevant URLs.
  2. If you are using frames, please ensure that this Web site opens in a separate window, and not inside a frame.
  3. Please do not use amended text or graphics for link buttons. (In this Web site, after completion of an application, a link button (159*35 pixels/100*50 pixels) is made available.
  4. Please do not use images for link buttons other than the one provided by this Web site.
  5. The Company does not assume any liability for contents, or for any damage that may incur by using this Web site on any third-party site that is linked to or from this Web site.
  6. The Company will strongly deny link access to any sites of the following nature:
    Sites that slander, defame or otherwise malign Fuji Xerox products and services, or that contain contents which may be injurious to the reputation of the Company.
    Sites including contents (including the possibility of ones, hereinafter the same applies) recognized as offensive to public order and morals or illegal, or Sites involved in activities recognized as offensive to public order and morals or illegal or having the possibility of involvement.
  7. If it is found that your company (you) violate any of the above items and we request that you delete your link to this Web site, please delete the link immediately.

Governing law and court jurisdiction

The interpretation and application of the usage terms of this Web site shall be in accordance with Japanese law. Unless otherwise specified, all legal disputes connected with this Web site shall fall in the first instance under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.