DocuPrint 500DPS--Laser Printer for Core Printing Needs

DocuPrint 500DPS--Laser Printer for Core Printing Needs
December 21, 2001

DocuPrint 500DPS
<DocuPrint 500DPS>

Ideally suited as a host network printer for distributed printing as well as general office needs, Fuji Xerox's DocuPrint 500DPS has adopted UNIX (Solaris 8) that allows print speeds of up to 50 ppm in monochrome and a spool management function for increased document efficiency. Sales began on November 27.

Using the spool management function for print jobs, a user can save, view, delete and reprint print jobs saved to the printer's hard disk achieved by Solaris 8 software for UNIX OS. A user can access these functions all from the printer's console or from a client's PC via the network.

Moreover, the DocuPrint 500DPS is Adobe® PostScript® 3TM capable and offers extended capabilities such as form overlays printing for mainframe data. Users can not only create and print form overlays but also send them for printing via the network to other PostScript® compatible printers (such as the DocuPrint 401/280 series), thus making the DocuPrint 500DPS ideal as a core printer for distributed printing.

Other Features include
  • High speed CPU: UltraSPARC IIe 500MHz in the printer's controller and 20 GB hard disk for efficient printing and spooling of heavy data
  • Paper trays: One A4 standard tray (1000 sheets) plus three trays (500 sheets each) and manual feed tray (40 sheets). Using the optional high-volume tray (4,200 sheets), maximum capacity is expandable to 6,740 sheets.
  • Output tray capacity: high volume stacker (2,100 sheets) and top tray (500 sheets) for a maximum output capacity of 2,600 sheets. For large print jobs, the page function ensures that sheets of varying sizes are printed in an orderly fashion and not shifted while printing. Facedown/ offset/staple function/ also included.
  • Compatible with multiple platforms including Windows® 95/Windows® 98, Windows® Me, Windows NT® 4.0 and UNIX.
  • Printer controller with spool management functions: The controller incorporates PostScript® 3TM as standard and Fuji Xerox's Solaris 8 print processing middleware. Users can not only print their data from multi-hosts but also print in a distributed printing environment. The spooling function allows users to manage print jobs on the DP500 DPS for as many as 64 users
  • LCDS Printing: The machine can manage mainframe related data (EDP Print-optional), client/server related data (server print-optional) and redirect printing (Redirect Print) to other printers on the network, as well as create and edit form overlays (in LCDS format). Also by combining OpenGate and the Fuji Xerox IPF writer, a user can achieve channel printing and network printing. In a shared printing environment, the print burden on the mainframe printer can be reduced.
  • Network interface: 10Base-T/100 Base-TX, and network protocols lpr, FTP, IPX/SPX
  • Recovery offset function and auto page function: this function automatically alerts users of paper jams or low toner.
  • Easy-to-use UI: The system and printer user interface have been integrated. The printer monitor has an alarm, colors and sound to alert the users of any malfunctions.
  • Operator call lamp: Operator call lamp to alert users of any printer malfunctions. The lamp can be connected to the printer using a 15-meter cable (extendable to 45 meters with a maximum of two cables). This makes it easier to monitor the printer status if the user's work environment is situated at some distance from the printer.
  • UPS: UPS has been added to the controller to enable a constant flow of electricity even following a disruption of the machine's power supply.
  • Accepts a variety of paper stocks including overhead slides, postcards, labels, punched paper, dry seals
  • Easy-consumables replacement: Front-loading design simplifies the replacement of toner cartridges and paper
  • Users can manage print jobs from their Web browser: Users can easily monitor printer and print job status from the Intranet.
  • Environmental friendly: The machine complies with standards set by the International Energy Star Program.
Suggested price (tax excluded)
DocuPrint 500DPS
3,900,000 yen
: Japan
*This product information is for business users and therefore does not include consumption tax.
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