DocuPrint C1616--High Speed Printing With Small-Tandem Laser Engine

DocuPrint C1616--High Speed Printing With Small-Tandem Laser Engine
December 21, 2001

DocuPrint C1616
<DocuPrint C1616>

To meet demand for A4-size high quality, high speed color laser prints at more affordable prices, Fuji Xerox has introduced the DocuPrint C1616 that incorporates Fuji Xerox's small-tandem laser engine. Sales began in printer sales channels from December 13.

Using the newly developed micro-tandem laser engine*, the machine achieves higher print speeds of up to 16 ppm in color and monochrome (A4 long-edge feed).

*The micro-tandem engine enables the machine to transfer CMYK colors in a single pass rather than in four separate passes thus increasing print productivity.

Main features
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  • Printer warm up time less than 30 seconds (shortest for a color laser printer as of Nov 29, 2001): Using the Free Belt Nip Fuser instead of previous roller type fuser, the machine increases machine warm up time to less than 30 seconds. The machine also can switch from sleep mode to online mode in less than 30 seconds, minimizing energy consumption.
  • RIP while RUN: The machine can process image data and print simultaneously to maintain continuous printing.
  • Includes a 250MHz RISC CPU, 100MHz and uses Fuji Xerox's Quick Continues Tone Imaging Technology for high speed color compression as well as ASIC software for image processing
  • ROS (Raster Optical Scanner) that corrects the color registration
  • Bladeless drum construction that suits all paper types: 20 mm-diameter drums to increase the adhesiveness of the toner as well as reduce color discrepancies
  • Newly developed poly-toner and Fuji Xerox's oil-less fusing technology to produce prints with an even and natural finish. The gloss controller also allows for high image quality and increases a photo's natural appearance for crisp-looking photos.
  • 600 dpi x 600 dpi (standard mode) high image resolution, 256 shades of gray and 16.7 million colors
  • Real 1,200 dpi x 1,200 dpi high image resolution (requires minimum of 128MB memory when printing at 8ppm) for printing fine lines and the subtle details of photos and fine lines of graphs
  • Trapping technology that corrects the image's white balance when printing
  • Direct printing of PDF files using the Contents Bridge function. A user can send PDF files directly from their Windows® or Macintosh® (8.1-9.1 Power PC) to the printer. No printer driver or application required*(requires more than 128 MB) and compatible for PDF version Acrobat® 4 (PDF 1.2) and 128 bit Acrobat® 5
  • Various print functions: long printing up to 900mm as well as features such as printing several pages on one page feature (n up), an enlargement feature for poster prints as well as stamp* and small booklet* features
    *Windows® only
  • Electronic sorter function: Using the optional hard disk, users can use the electronic sorter printing at 16 ppm (A4 short-edge feed)
  • Paper capacity: standard (500 sheets) tray module and manual feed tray (100 sheets). Optional tray module (two stack tray of 500 sheets each) for maximum capacity of 1,600 sheets.
  • Automatic duplex printing function: 10 ppm (A4 short-edge feed) duplex printing in color and monochrome
  • Network Interface: 100 Base-TX/10 Base-T, IPP, Port9100, IEEE1284 parallel port. (Note for TCP/IP environment, the user should use the optional network card for WINS, SMB) and also includes NetWare, EtherTalk®, and SMB multiprotocols
  • Multiclient environment: Windows® 95/98, Windows NT® 4.0, Windows® 2000 and Windows® Me, and Macintosh® (OS 8.1-9.1) and USB1.1 compatible
  • CentreWare Internet Services standard: by simply designating the DocuPrint C1616 printer's IP address, the user can monitor the printer status and the print jobs from the user's Web browser.
  • Status messenger: Web-based printer administration lets you view job status and manage print queues and access drivers and printer support
  • Low energy design: Energy saving mode (23W) and saving mode2* (less that 4W) for minimum energy use. The machine is also fully compatible with the International Energy Star Program.
    *The optional network card does not support saving mode.
Suggested price (tax excluded)
DocuPrint C1616
298,000 yen
: Japan
*This product information is for business users and therefore does not include consumption tax.
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