Fuji Xerox Launches MediaDEPO Server Ver. 2.0

October 18, 2002


To further increase the user-friendliness of Fuji Xerox's MediaDEPO, a Web-based video on-demand streaming system for distributing video images via the Internet, Fuji Xerox launched updated server software, MediaDEPO Server Ver. 2.0. Sales began on October 4, 2002.

Previously, MediaDEPO was an all-inclusive system with the software preinstalled on the server. In response to growing demand for software that can be connected to multiple systems and customized packages, Fuji Xerox has launched MediaDEPO Server Ver. 2.0 that provides more flexible, standalone software. The newly launched MediaDEPO Server Ver. 2.0 boasts a greater number of features at approximately half the price of the previous system. In addition, Slide Kit Ver. 2.0, where slide presentations using tools such as PowerPoint® can be displayed during video streaming, and DEPO Author Ver. 2.0, which allows visual contents stored on the server to be edited for transmission, will be sold as new optional software for the system.

MediaDEPO was released in June 2001 as an offering from Fuji Xerox's Ubiquitous Media Services. It provides easy and efficient search and retrieval of video images taken from the Internet, as well as share and reuse of the data. The system also provides many innovative functions: using the slider bar, video images can be displayed as still frames; close-ups of key scenes can be automatically captured in manga display, similar to comic book scenes; and, users can use voice search for scenes using spoken words from the video simply by inputting the appropriate texts. MediaDEPO has received favorable market response for its use as a form of e-learning for corporations as well as government and public offices, and the new MediaDEPO Server Ver. 2.0 provides improved flexibility in system configuration to meet customer demands.

Major improvements achieved by MediaDEPO Server Ver. 2.0
1. More affordable price

In comparison to the previous all-inclusive system that sold for 3.2 million yen to 12.5 million yen, the new system offers separate software packages and can therefore be purchased at lower price, starting at 1.9 million yen. Depending on the configuration, the system is on average 50 percent cheaper.

2. Provides enhanced flexibility and expandability with increased compatibility

The system supports establishment of a large-scale video database, and enables block registration of video data and registration from remote users via a simple operation.

3. Supports various formats

In addition to Windows MediaTM Player, the new system is compatible with other major media formats such as RealPlayer.

4. Enables simple customization of Web design and system

With Web Designer, a newly customized "tool kit" bundled with MediaDEPO Server Ver. 2.0, users can modify a design and change an object's position to enhance usability on the Intranet and increase ease of homepage navigation.

5. Allows delivery of a greater number of content types

With the optional Slide Kit Ver. 2.0, slides and comments can be transmitted simultaneously with video streaming. The system also supports Fuji Xerox's digital document management software, DocuWorks, and allows the simultaneous delivery of video contents and document information in-house.

Suggested price (tax excluded)
MediaDEPO Server Ver. 2.0
1,900,000 yen
DEPO Author Ver. 2.0
200,000 yen
Slide Kit Ver. 2.0
300,000 yen
: Japan
*This product information is for business users and therefore does not include consumption tax.
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